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  1. Scholars are requested to send their research papers exclusively to the Faran Journal of Historical Studies. Articles published or accepted by other journals for publication will not be accepted.
  2. The length of the article is not restricted as the F.J.H.S. seeks full academic debate on any topic. Usually, journals require 3500 to 4000 words but the F.J.H.S. invites the scholars to submit their work without such restriction as such restriction will be undermining the intellectual debate and academic argumentation.
  3. The contributor’s name, telephone, and e-mail address must be given on the cover page of the article. The point of view of the authors does not reflect/translate the opinion of the Editorial Board of the F.J.H.S.
  4. Articles, having derogatory or nonacademic language will not be accepted.
  5. The journal management intends to promote a national narrative and new avenues for the subjects.
  6. Articles should be composed in MS Word.
  7. The paper should include an abstract of the article of 100-150 words along with keywords. It should be written in simple language manifesting introduction, research gaps, and major findings.
  8. Work should be based on basic and secondary sources while references should be given as prescribed by K. L. Turabian (Guide Manual for Researchers).
  9. Each paper is evaluated by the experts. The Editor decides the paper’s acceptance, rejection, or review based on their recommendations.

Dr. Adnan Tariq


Faran Journal of Historical Studies (F.J.H.S.)